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eQuickValue™ is an electronically generated property value and IS NOT AN APPRAISAL. This value is based on mathematical modeling of property data near the subject property. This value is only intended to be used as a starting point for finding deals that may be of interest to a potential buyer.

AVMs and Property Value

eQuickValue is a method of property valuation that is sometimes referred to as an Automated Value Model or AVM. Most AVMs calculate value at a specific point in time by analyzing sold property values of comparable real estate. Many entities, including appraisers, lending institutions, and real estate investors, use AVM technology to analyze property value.

Keep in mind that property value is not the same as property price. Property value is an estimate of what a property is worth. There are many factors used in determining market value, including but not limited to:

  • Location
  • Market
  • Condition
  • Neighborhood
  • Age

While condition is a factor in determining market value, it cannot be used in an AVM. That is why, we recommend that our eQuickValue only be used as a starting point in your search for a great deal.