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A new way to look for high equity properties. investment rentals. bargains. potential flips.

BelowMarketValue.com is where home buyers and investors come to find the best deals available. We offer real-time deals that we vet from multiple sources as soon as they enter the marketplace. Our data gets updated every 10 minutes, so you know you are always looking at the most recent property activity. Once you find the property you are looking for, you can submit an offer with any licensed real estate agent of your choice. BMV is a great place to start looking for investment properties and foreclosures listed as REOs on MLS.

About BMV

BMV is your go-to resource to find below market value properties. We remove the hassle from finding great deals by doing the legwork for you. We source our listings from multiple local MLS databases and make sure they are below market value. So you know you are getting a deal anytime your offer is accepted. Also, since these are not foreclosure auctions, all properties can be financed with traditional methods.

We help connect you to a local Realtor, who will guide you at each step of the transaction, with your best interests in mind.